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Marsters said he had ''real interest'' in returning for another season, the fate of ''Buffy'' is uncertain -- Ms. Naked arab girls videos. He totally sold the cockney thing! And no character better embodies the ambitious, unpredictable nature of ''Buffy'' -- which veers from drama to comedy to horror, usually in the same episode -- than Spike.

How much were you influenced by the Sex Pistols as Spike and how much was Wheadon? Sarah, she walks up with gloves on, and like a muffler, and she was How has the dynamic in the cast changed over the last 4 years? You don't go down to underwear until technical rehearsals, and you don't go down to final nudity until the final dress rehearsal.

I'd known these guys for five years and they're just staring at my socks in embarrassment! He became well known for doing it mostly when a particularly dramatic scene had just wrapped to lighten the mood. He is so much the character of Harry Dresden that when a scheduling conflict did not allow for his reading of book number 13 'Ghost Story', and it was read instead by John Glover, fan outcry and a desire for continuity caused the book to be re-recorded with Marsters and re-released four years later.

I am not the guy you want to be asking that No, it was me, in a sock, right, and that's it. James marsters nude. Joined Feb 27, Messages 1, Likes General Buffy Comments Do you enjoy playing a vampire?

Precious Stone Coming Soon. I'm all for half-naked hot guys on TV personally. Currently he's working on adapting the Bard's famous tragedy for the big screen. Did you know you can create your own James Marsters poll on Manpaper? I don't have a big problem with being naked. That's pretty cool in itself! I feel sorry for him that he's like a piece of meat. Www indian nude pic com. But he refuses to rejoin the dark side because, in a fleeting moment of tenderness, Buffy told him she believed in his capacity to be good.

Must be horribly uncomfortable as an actor too. Bring It On, Earl 1. If you were to cull out your best work to have in a portfolio to show someone your Buffy work ten years from now, what work would you show them? D id you ever Meet James Marsters?

He does not want you sitting on the couch [calmly]. David tried it too. I never like that when they undress girls for the eye of the watcher and use excuses for that.

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You feel like you're spying on a forbidden crush. You know, I didn't pick these people but I have to love them anyway. Naked run roskilde. In television there is not time for this whatsoever, and I completely understand, and if I were a producer it would be the same way.

To see the uncensored photos, and to see a photo of how I have my nude David Boreanaz and James Marsters figures on display, click on the link below. Create a poll nowyour poll will be exposed to thousands of entertainment lovers everyday, this is going to be interesting! Was recognizable in public chiefly for his platinum-blond-bleached hair. Has starred in three of the WB television series that continued in comic book form: Hot Celebs - Who's Gay?

I'm guessing he feels comfortable with his body, but as I understood from him, it's not very fun for him, being naked in front of eveybody. In the last issue of Buffy's comic seasson 8 Joss makes Buffy gay. Which character do you identify with more, Spike or Buffy? I think it wouldn't have damaged the series if they hadn't gotten him losing his clothes all the time.

Did you watch the show before you got the part? Creator and writer Joss Whedon spent a lot of time investing in the storylines of his characters, but even more time watching how those storylines interwove due to certain actor interactions. James marsters nude. For a stage kiss to work, you can't get into it. S StarSlayer Me too: How do you get psyched up for shooting a scene on Buffy? So, not surprisingly, Mr. Beautiful massive tits. I've known these guys for five years, man, and they're just staring at my sock.

What was a favorite subversive moment on Buffy? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Marsters was as naked as broadcast television allows.

James forced to get naked on the show. It was really hard.

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In the theater when they ask you to do really hard scenes, there is a way to do it, there is a way to gradually get into that respecting the performer's emotional needs, possibly their fears or hang ups or whatever. On the seventh season How far ahead did you know about this past 7th season and what was your initial reaction?

Is left-handed, but plays guitar right-handed. Have you visited any of the goth clubs to see what the whole vampire scene is like?

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