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I would really like them to have Cosima's hair down just once. Nude clown girl. Also I've seen people speculating that Delphine also has a fake eye and that Rachael is seeing out of Delphine's eye. You are a rapist. Orphan black lesbian scene. Personally, I like it when couples have angst and struggles to overcome. It's like if we aren't represented as happy loving committed lesbians 5eva then the show is doing us wrong.

Everyone wants their OTPs to last. No-one has said they're a PR stunt done by the writers. Right now it's just a PR tool. It's one of the main reasons I don't really like Paul and Sarah - I just really don't feel their chemistry at all. Dia zerva nude. It doesn't mean it's done in a bad way, it's just how shows operate.

It's just the fact they have people talking about Orphan Black right now that the show care about. Uhhhhhhhhhh…well, you know, I know this will be upsetting to many fans but the story in our minds has always been a tragic love story.

Best of all, they way they've built up Cossima's continued affection for Delphin makes me hopeful they mean them to have a proper reconnection and potentially relationship well lucky for us the Shay actress got a permanent gig on Turn. Jun 12 Now the Neolutionists are making this grand return. Orphan Black wouldn't be getting this much chat if it didn't have a lesbian who is hooking up with a woman right now. I feel positive with Delphine's return, they wouldn't bring her back just to kill her off cheaply - again, they wouldn't if they were going to give her a minor character role or a short stint and they wouldn't decide to bring her back if they were going to off Cosima.

Maybe Tatiana's decided she doesn't want to show any T any more but is ok with A. If they do get rid of her I will want a replacement in S2 and someone more serious otherwise I would question how homophobic the show is. I don't think anyone wanted to see this Donny scene, gay or straight.

Plus if they'd kept the bras on but just had Cosima put on pants like Sarah did in the morning that would have looked weird. I am in neutral territory with this storyline. Allison and Donnie come from highly conservative backgrounds, and their relationship has lacked intimacy until quite recently, such that Allison herself is demonstrably uncomfortable with it at various points.

Basically, I just feel they have too much chemistry to waste. And then aunt Helena ate twenty-two bowls of Jell-O and lived happily ever after. Willow or Emily didn't turn straight, in fact they continued to have girlfriends. Lesbian experience tube. But they also might not be!

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This page requires javascript. Skinny women nude photos. Jun 13 The Cophine sex scene was the first time Delphine had ever slept with a chick. I guess I just want people to enjoy the ride. It's so hard to tell, though, because the shots have been vague as hell.

I hope I'm wrong and she could be long term. I am in neutral territory with this storyline. Orphan black lesbian scene. Maybe she was in denial because she didn't expect to like her? But it makes sense that the rural looking place they showed her in would be on an uninhabited island.

That's why I didn't get it when she seemed so surprised that it had worked. In one of Rachael's glitches there's an image of a swan on a mat in a hut that looks exactly like the place Delphine is at.

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Talk about double standard. The only show I could think that did that was TLW. Xxx hot sexy images. I felt like she loved Cosima immediately and without exception or reason. Because we are all in desperate need of a little more Cophine in our lives. Sarah and Rachel are both dirty skanks, it is fitting that their sex scenes are raunchier. If Delphine dies or leaves I'll be fine with that so long as she's replaced before too long with someone who could be long term.

Yay, for anal sex, however, I think Donnie was only banging her from behind. I don't think they make her out to be reserved about sex.

I do think it fulfills the trope. As for them being used as PR tool by the show. The touch her gave her seemed familial. I think that spoiler board from the writer's room that emerged a a while back is inaccurate to say the least.

It doesn't feel like a steady storyline. I hate that other lesbian ship has sunk but it's not much of a ship atm. Very hot milf tube. I rewatched the first 4 episodes and when that scene came on the first time, it did not register at all.

She was as interesting as watching paint dry and served no purpose other than creating unneccesary drama. Guest Jun 12 She seemed like she fit with the Castor storyline with having been in the military and all or perhaps it's a red herring.

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And I do think it was remarkable that the romantic emotional punches this season were all strategically placed around this queer female love triangle. Slutty supergirl costume. Her Thing is still to function as an adorably homicidal monster carting around a canister of babies. Jun 12 A girl-on-girl whatever this is will automatically get the show attention. Nude hairy chest If it's Shay, and she sees someone with Cosima's face, I think she would want to know what is all about.

Surely they wouldn't be that stupid. Pupok would have hated you too. I think if Cosima was bi she would have said "you're not bi".

Guest Jun 12 And they'd already been renewed and had been getting tons of positive press about the show before that. This clip appears to show Delphine and Cosima walking hand in hand, dressed in what are seemingly — gasp — wedding clothes! The only show I could think that did that was TLW. Plus I do think they purposefully make the lesbian scenes more conservative.

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